About Me

Artist Statement

            My art explores photographic relationships between light and color while creating an abstract and interactive experience for my audience. The stimulus for this work originates in my roots, which stem from Latin American cities that are full of vigor, activity and colors.  My photographic processes are conducted on the city streets at night while capturing moments and spaces, transforming the traditional cities and places where we live, as well as, providing a newperspective to familiar environments. 

            My purpose as an artist is to create photography using light that connects with the audience through shapes and colors.  My photography artwork establishes relationships with color theory, which are represented in the vibrant colors. The colors in the photography work create energy and life, which is essential in order to achieve the final visual outcome.  

            The graduation between light and dark is where my story begins - generating a supernatural world that transcends reality. The photographic process allows me to capture the unseen world as an abstract environment of shape and color allowing my mind to be free from time and space.

            The images invite the viewer to develop their own experience, shrouding reality to embrace this unidentified world. The presentation or installation of this work is essential, allowing me to bring the concept and process closer together. Using new and alternative approaches allows me to create a new experience to the traditional photograph. I often place the work into groups in order to create a narrative that suggests life and energy.


            Genesis Gonzalez  was born in Caracas, Venezuela and is currently living and working in Miami, FL as an artist, mass media producer & photographer. In her artistic photography and video art, she is experimenting with materials and creating a body of work that seeks to connect with the psychology of color.

            Genesis graduated from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, Caracas, Venezuela in 2012 with a degree in Mass Media Production, and graduated from Miami International University of Art & Design in Miami, Florida in 2016 from the Master of Fine Arts.

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